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ShieldWear Recycling provides businesses with a sustainable way to dispose of their PPE products

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How it Works



The PPE waste (face masks, visors, gloves, hair nets etc.) are collected in our recycling box. Once the box is full, it should be sealed and collected by our courier service and delivered to a UK or EU recycling centre



Upon arrival the box is weighed and quarantined for 72 hours to protect team members handling the waste before being consolidated it into a bulk format to process it into recycled materials



The waste is then sorted into categories based on material composition and recycled into usable forms (i.e. gloves into playground floor tiles, non-woven plastics into plastic pellets)



The recycled material is repurposed by third parties to manufacture a variety of new products including outdoor furniture, shipping pallets, watering cans, storage containers, bins, tubes for construction applications, etc

Why Recycle?


The coronavirus pandemic has seen a considerable rise in the use of single-use facemasks. Sadly the government advised their disposal in general waste bins (as it is difficult to break down PPE) and so PPE ends up in landfill sites, littering the streets, waterways and, wildlife


Utilising innovative technology, boards can be created from 100% recycled plastics. These can even create sanitiser bins to collect more used PPE, providing a solution that 'closes the loop’ on the pandemic's environmental damage and helping your organisation to drive impact

Equipped to Recycle Box

Sizes Small, Medium and Large
Accepted items
  • Disposable face masks
  • Plastic Gloves
  • Visors & face screens
  • Safety gear (helmets, bump caps)
  • Goggles & safety spectacles
  • Earplugs
  • Plastic overalls & clothing covers
  • Lateral flow tests (to be placed within the plastic/foil bag it comes in)
What is included? Recycling box, liner, delivery, collection and recycling of your waste, customer support, discounts on our PPE

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