ShieldWear is proud to provide leading businesses across Europe with a supply of high quality and fully certified Respirators, Masks, Visors and Testing Solutions.

At ShieldWear, we have carefully sourced and procured our protective equipment. We conduct extensive quality assurance and due diligence to ensure that our products are made to a high standard and that manufacturers meet the European standards set for protective equipment. Within our team we have 40+ years of procurement experience.

Our respirators and 3 ply masks all contain quality melt blown – this fabric forms the critical inner filtration layer of our products, allowing the wearer to breath while reducing the inflow of possible infectious particles.

For more information on our products (including certification and testing reports) please see the pages below.

Level of protection High Med-High Med-Low Low
Filtration ≥99% (FFP3)
≥94% (FFP2)
≥98% (Type IIR)
≥95% (Type I)
Total Layers 4 3 Depends on product 1
Layers of melt blown 2 1 0 N/A
Durability Single Use Single Use Multi Use Multi use and single use available
Splash Resistant No Yes (Type IIR)
No (Type I)
No Yes
Primary use case Workers and civilians in densely populated areas Medical workers and patients. Can also be used to protect workers and civilians in densely populated areas. Civilians in environments with low density of population Workers where risk of exposure is high and constant e.g. shop workers, health professionals
Purpose Intended to protect the wearer Aim to protect others, not the wearer Intended to protect others, not the wearer Designed to protect the wearer

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