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An accredited personal protective equipment (PPE) supplier and recycling solutions provider


Our rigorous QA practices are designed to ensure that our products are tested and certified to the applicable European standards or the relevant regulatory standards in your region.


We offer longer-term contracts at competitive prices to help our clients save on cost of storage. We keep stock in European warehouses for your initial orders which can be supplied to you within days.


We hold ourselves to high standards. We strive to provide a quality product and experience. Our extensive research enables us to help our customers understand which products fit their needs.

Recycling Solution

ShieldWear’s recycling solution allows you to recycle almost any type of personal protective equipment, such as masks, respirators, gloves and overalls waste from your business.

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Global workplace solution

Delivered several million units of protective equipment to over 17 countries across 5 continents

Highest quality assured

Our best-in-class procurement and due diligence process is designed to ensure that your workplace has access to quality products at competitive prices

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We have a wide range of fully certified products to keep your employees safe and your business operational.

Our Bestsellers

Our bestselling products contain melt blown - this is what forms the critical inner filtration layer, allowing the wearer to breath while reducing the inflow of possible infectious particles.

Filters 94% of particles.High demand as they are deemed to be a highly effective form of protection, ideal for workers and civilians in densely populated areas

Filters 98% of particles.Offers the highest filtration across our 3-ply mask offerings, ideal for medicals workers where there is a risk of exposure to fluids.


Recycling the unrecyclable.All PPE waste is disposed in our recycling boxes, collected by our courier service and delivered to a UK or EU recycling centre to be repurposed into products

Our Valued Clients

"Excellent customer service and fast delivery"

I am very pleased with the way you looked after our order, taking time to proof everything carefully and supplying sample PPE supplies for me to look at before we went ahead. The speedy delivery was great too. A great job all round.
Procurement Manager / European Commercial Airline

"Extensive range of excellent quality PPE equipment"

I just wanted to say a big thank you to the amazing staff at ShieldWear for helping source the high-quality PPE equipment for our corporate offices. From the initial contact with Harry, your company have given us incredible service and has always managed to locate stock for us to distribute in the same week we place our orders.
Buyer / International Hotel Chain

"Competitive and ethical prices"

Thank you for the genuine and fair prices of your PPE supplies. We have experienced the opposite end of the spectrum from other suppliers and in the circumstances that we all find ourselves in at the moment, I find that beyond belief, we have certainly seen this crisis bring out the good and bad in our society.
Facilities Manager / Multi-national Law Firm
Post Office
Chambre d’Agriculture

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